About me


If your here looking for some fascinating story, I’m about to drop a major bomb… there isn’t one!!! The truth is there really isn’t anything extra ordinary about me.  I’m just your average wife and mom who loves shoes, and pumpkin spice lattes.

Gasp* . Yep that’s right. I’m pretty #basic.

Professionally, I’m a licensed Massage therapist, Esthetician, Radiographer and Mammographer (say that 3x fast). About a year and half ago, I made the decision to leave the corporate world behind to stay at home, only to find out I was pregnant with my son a few short weeks later.

SO why start a blog? It wasn’t until recently I decided to take this whole blogging thing seriously and give it a go. I’m here because I feel as if many can relate to my “average” life. I love to share my stories and the things that make me happy in hopes that it will inspire other moms, wives or families. I find that I have the most presence on Instagram. I get to share my life visually, and share the behind the scenes through my instastories.

I hope that you take a look around, find something you love and  stay awhile!!

Thanks so much for stopping by.