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Modern Map Art

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Modern Map Art

Remember how I mentioned I was working on an office nook? Yea well, that’s still happening. But what’s nice is when it’s all finished I will have a lot of really cool decor.

One of my favorites is this Map Of Annapolis. Being a Marylander, Annapolis has a special place in my heart! I was so excited when I got my custom Map Art in the mail.  I’m a fan of anything that represents my State, especially when its something unique.

If you’re looking for something  fresh to help spruce up an area in your home or office check out Modern Map Art. Not only do they offer custom posters, but they also can create cell phone cases and pillows.

Think of your favorite place and have them create something beautiful just for you, or make it a gift for someone!




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Vintage Inspired Engagement Shoot


All photos by Live Film

I find something so romantic about the past. Before social media and texting, people connected in different ways. There was a time that lovers even went a few days without talking. Often people wrote each other letters or called from an old telephone. Instead of having pictures of loved ones saved in their cell phones, many carried photos in their lockets or wallets. Don’t get me wrong- I love technology, but I also appreciate the time when it wasn’t so abundant in our society. In fact, I find those era’s intriguing.  Seeing as I am a HUGE vintage fan,  I wanted our engagement shoot to capture that romantic feel.

We decided to do the shoot in Ellicot City. It’s a charming little area with lots of history, cobble stone streets, and amazing brick walls. If you ever travel through the Maryland area I definitely recommend checking it out.

My (now)husband was SUCH a good sport about the shoot. He’s a jeans and t-shirt guy so when I originally pitched the idea to him, he was  not very enthused. However, he did not once complain (to me anyway).

I found my dress at a Vintage Clothing Store known as Polly Sues. This store is so fun. They have all kinds of old accessories, hats, and clothing.  If you’re a fan of vintage style, you must check it out! The suspenders and news boy cap came from there as well.


My grandmother passed at the young age of 61. I never got the chance to meet her, as I wasn’t even born yet. Anyone that knew her always spoke so highly of her. After my Aunt passed a few years ago, my parents and I started going through her things. She was another one that appreciated the past as much as I.  I was so drawn to this picture of my grandmother. I asked Nicole if we could try to recreate this picture.


My beautiful grandmother circa 1942 and me to the right.

I couldn’t have been happier with the way the all photos turned out. It was nice to do something a little outside the box. And thank goodness my husband has a lot of patience :).

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Winter ONEderland Party Ideas

For any new mom, your child’s first birthday is so bitter sweet. It’s astonishing to see your tiny tot grow so much in such a short period of time. But you can’t help but be a bit sad that your little one is getting bigger. I wanted to have my daughter’s first birthday be special. Her birthday is right in the middle of winter. So I chose to do a Winter ONEderland theme.

(Some of the pictures are not of great quality since I took them with my phone at the time 2 years ago. But thankfully My photographer friend took some great ones and hers are credited.)

Happy Birthday!

When I started planning her first birthday party there were a few things I knew I wanted to do; A year of firsts, Watch me Grow, Wishes for Lucy and a Hot Cocoa bar.

A year of firsts was to display all of Lucy’s firsts. The tags are hard to see in the picture but some of them included first bath pictures, first Halloween, and her first outfit home from the hospital. (excuse me while I cry a little; I mean look at how small that thing is!?) I used some twine and clothes pins to display everything.FullSizeRender (20)

Every month during her first year I used some baby blocks to spell out how many months she was. It is mind blowing when you hang all the pictures up next to each other. You know your child is growing, but it is so amazing to see just how much she changed from month to month.

FullSizeRender (25)

Wishes for Lucy was my favorite. I have them all saved in her “first year box” so when she is little older we can look back and read them. I remember reading them with my husband the day after the  party. It was so sweet reading all the wishes people had for our child, and I cant wait to share them with her.

IMG_5143 IMG_5158pictures by BB Loren Photography

The hot Cocoa bar was a nice touch especially since it was so cold outside. Some of the toppings included Andes mints, caramels, and of course, marshmallows! I added some different creamers and whipped cream as well.

IMG_5155 IMG_5144pictures by BB Loren Photography

I also made a sign with all of Lucy’s “stats.” I included things like her favorite songs, how tall she was, and how much she weighed. I decided to keep this tradition with her birthdays. I enjoy looking back at different things she was into and what she was doing at the time.


I tried to label some of the foods with cute little names. Water was “melted snowmen”, white donut holes were “snowballs”, pretzel rods dipped in blue colored chocolate were “icicles”, and we used Oreos as “snowman buttons”.

I added little wintry touches around the house, to give it the ONEderland feel.1780784_10151886078236022_1998487509_n

IMG_5148pictures by BB Loren Photography

For the favors I just went to the local dollar store and bought some favor bags with snowflakes on them. I filled the bags with temporary tattoos and little snowmen  that I found on Oriental trading company’s website


I made a little banner for her high chair, since there’s really no way to dress that up.

FullSizeRender (19)Every birthday girl needs an outfit change, right? Well really I just didn’t want to mess up her beautiful blue lace outfit. I got the blue outfit, hat and onesie on ETSY. You can tell she’s real impressed right?

IMG_5156 IMG_5157

and it actually started snowing as the party began. So pretty!

p.s. ~

a few days later I was able to catch a little smile in the infamous blue lace outfit…




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Peppa Pig Party

As Daddy Pig would say, “I’m a bit of an expert” when planning parties.

Ok so no, not really, but I do love parties, and planning them can be fun. For my daughters second birthday, I decided to go with a Peppa Pig theme since at the time Peppa was her favorite!

On the invite I requested for all the cheeky little “piggies” to wear  their best rain boots, just as Peppa Pig does. For jumping in muddy puddles of course! I cut out some brown felt in the shape of puddles so the kids could pretend to jump.

FullSizeRender (13)Like these invitations? Get them here. Many other designs available!

All the food was pig themed. Pulled Pork BBQ, Pigs in a blanket, “Ham”and cheese sandwiches, “Curly tail” salad. You get the point.peppa3

For the favors I made “muddy puddles” which was dirt pudding. I purchased some mini mason jars from Wal-mart and tied little wooden spoons to them. I was a bit disappointed that I forgot to save myself one, but glad that everyone enjoyed them!peppa4

Here’s my personal recipe for Dirt Pudding

  • one package of chocolate instant pudding. prepare as package instructs
  • crushed oreos. I mix half in with the pudding and use the other to top.
  • 1 bag of gummy worms
  • 4 oz of cream cheese
  • 4 oz of cool whip

I purchased a lot of the supplies and decorations from and Etsy. I used little buckets and some foam to have the Peppa “sticks” spread throughout the house. I also used some toys that my daughter already owned to add to the decorations. The Peppa Pig house and all the characters were spread out on different tables. Since she was such a huge fan she got a lot of Peppa stuff for Christmas. I used a pair of Rain boots to put some baby’s breath in that made nice centerpieces for the tables. I also made little piggy noses that the kids, and adults could play with to!peppa7

IMG_5034 FullSizeRender (14)peppaIMG_5035

I find baking to be fun but when it comes to cake decorating I’m basic. SO my wonderful co-worker made me a small cake, and cupcakes for the guests. She did an amazing job. You can see below that the birthday girl agrees!


peppa2 peppa6




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Fun Activities to do on Christmas Eve

It happens every year. Before you know it, It’s The Night Before Christmas and you find yourself trying to keep the kiddos entertained.cookies It’s always good to have some fun activities planned for Christmas Eve. Here are some simple ideas for you to try-

Writing a thank you note for Santa is such a sweet sentiment. Decorate the paper with glitter, stickers, or just use a plain pad of paper. Even if its pretend, its still something to hold on to. In a few years, when the kids are older it will be fun to pull them out and re read them.  It teaches your children to always be thankful and that’s so important now a days.

Reindeer food. Last year My daughter brought “Reindeer food” home from daycare. It was such a cute idea. Now that’s she’s a little older and understands more, I cant wait to do this with her. Just fill a bowl with some ground up Chex-mix and glitter, Then go outside and sprinkle in the yard. The sparkle from the glitter helps the reindeer find their way!

Baking cookies is probably one of the most popular holiday traditions. The fun thing about doing it Christmas Eve is that you can make the “Santa” cookies. Tell your little one you have to make some cookies for Santa and they will surely be into it.

Christmas Eve Box’s. This is a tradition I am planning to start this Christmas with my daughter. I went to Michaels and got a cute basket, one that I know I will use to store toys. The first item I put in the box was the book “Twas the Night before Christmas”.  This is a book that we already own. A client of mine had given me the book as a gift when I was pregnant with my daughter. She wrote in the book to read it every Christmas Eve, that was a tradition she had with her kids. So for the past 2 years I have! Then I put some pajamas, some slippers, and an Itty Bitty. (Itty Bittys are sold exclusively by Hall Mark and there are many characters available. My daughter loves them!)   But you can create a Christmas Eve box with whatever you choose.  I talked about this in an earlier post, you can check it out here


Instead of doing a box, just a Movie night and Popcorn would be fun. Classics like Charlie Brown and The Grinch are great family movies.Christmas movies

Making Hot Cocoa. I loved making hot chocolate as a child. I always use the Hershey Recipe. Its easy and delicious. Make it fun by doing a Hot cocoa bar. Use some peppermint sticks, and some other yummy toppings such as marshmallows, or caramels.

Christmas Caroling. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I think it would be so fun with a group of people. If you live in a neighborhood its perfect. Even if your not the best singer it would surely be entertaining to anyone that opened their door.

Going to look at Christmas lights. As  a child, this is something my family always did. It was fun to ride around and listen to Christmas music and enjoy all the beautiful lights.

I’ve been reading about Santa footprints, which is a cool idea for mom and dad! I found awesome step by step instructions here.

Take out night. Its only fair if your doing all the cooking the next day to get take out the night before!

No matter what you decide to do on Christmas Eve, just have fun. Hope everyone has a blessed Holiday Season. Enjoy your families!





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Different Christmas Traditions

The other day I had an interesting conversation with a lady while we were waiting for our beloved beverage at our local Starbucks. We were talking about Different Christmas decor In her family, they do the “25 days of Christmas”. Instead of waiting until December 25th,  they decide to spread holiday cheer starting December 1st with small gifts or nice sentiments.  Then on Christmas day they have one “big” gift that they all exchange. I had never heard of this tradition before, and instantly I was intrigued. I’m a sucker for family traditions.  I had to find out more!

So I did some digging and here are the Different Christmas Traditions that I learned about:

Santa brings the whole shebang- I thought this was such a cool idea, but it sounds exhausting. This tradition is where Santa brings everything. The tree, the gifts, and for some the lights outside. It would be awesome to see your little ones face when they  wake up to a fully decorated house.

The Delivery- You find out  a place that’s open on Christmas day and take a plate of food or a gift to the worker(s).  I actually witnessed someone doing this on Thanksgiving and I thought it was such a wonderful thing to do.

Christmas Eve Exchange-This was a Christmas tradition that my family adopted when my siblings and I got a little bit older. Once the cat was out of the bag about Santa, we liked to exchange our gifts the night before. That way the next day we could sleep in and focus on the big feast!

Christmas Eve boxes– On Christmas Eve when the kids start to get antsy this is a perfect distraction. Fill the box with some pajamas, a favorite snack and a movie! You have a whole night planned in one box. Customize it the way you want.

The Not so Traditional Dinner-Turkey and ham? No way! Not with this Christmas tradition! Were talking Pizza, Lasagna and I even heard Tacos! Such a different twist to your normal holiday meal.

Stockings for days- Growing up we never had a fireplace, so stockings were never really a thing. But with hooks and a higher space you can hang those suckers anywhere! This is a tradition that I have adopted as I have gotten older. Its a great place to put candy or something sentimental.

The Christmas Drink- This is another Christmas Tradition that my family has. Even if your not much of a drinker its a great way to honor a loved one that’s passed or just to talk about what your grateful for. It also makes it interesting when sitting around and listening to one of those “Crazy Uncle John” stories to. Every family has a “Crazy Uncle John”, whether its a Grandparent, Parent, or even a Sibling.

Making Christmas Ornaments/Wreaths-Crafting together is always fun and a great way to let your inner creativeness shine! Ornaments also make a great keepsake.

Cookie Exchanges- This is a tradition I’ve been wanting to start with my girlfriends. Everyone brings their own homemade cookies, and a bottle of wine(optional). You chat, exchange the recipe for the cookies and take a variety home for your family.

Secret Santa- This is great for people with a lot of extended family. Instead of buying for everyone you simply draw a name and give to that person only.

White elephant gift exchange- This is also fun for larger families. Everyone brings a wrapped gift, number the gifts and pick a number. It makes it fun because you can steal the gift to! Its your exchange so you can really set the rules how you want.

Ugly sweater Parties– This has definitely become a popular trend.  Its fun to see what people wear, and of course to party!

Now that I have my own family I want to start our own traditions that my daughter will hopefully carry on. What are some of your favorite Christmas Traditions? I’d love to know!

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Easy Gift Ideas for the Hard to Buy for Husband

With Christmas quickly approaching I always find myself asking the same question that I have for the past several years-What am I going to get my husband? Aside from my mother, he is the most difficult person to shop for. Since we became parents we really don’t like to spegiftsnd a lot of money on each other, but it’s still fun to exchange. My husband is simple in many ways. The typical man, who’s into trucks and working on stuff in his garage. Seeing as I am NOT knowledgeable when it comes to his hobbies, he usually likes to purchase exactly what he wants.

After years of taking notes on my struggle I’ve put together a list of Easy Gift ideas for the Hard to Buy for Husband. AND good news-they are mostly inexpensive to:

  • A Blanket. we keep our house in the upper 60’s so needless to say it’s usually pretty chilly. We use blankets ALL THE TIME.
  • A Robe. ok It sounds pretty silly but I recently purchased a robe for my husband and he wears it all the time. (when we are at home that is) its soft and comfortable and the perfect item to just lounge around in after a shower or on a lazy rainy day.
  • Favorite Beverage. I almost always buy a pack of red bull, or a case of beer for my husband. Who doesn’t like the convenience for a few days- it saves a stop before work (the red bull) or after work (the beer)
  • The Necessities. You know what I’m talking about. Socks, underwear, long johns, under shirts etc.
  • Scratch offs. this is something I think people often forget about but its such a fun stocking stuffer. and hopefully if they win you will be compensated, so its a gift to you as well 🙂
  • Cologne. You can’t go wrong with making your man smell the way you want him to!
  • Grooming/Styling Products. As my husbands beard and hair continues to grow, he needs a little help. A pack of combs, some beard oil, styling gel etc. He is not a pre Madonna but longer hair requires some work and it keeps him out of my stuff so it’s a win win.
  • Gift card to his favorite lunch spot, or for gas. its basic, but it will be used.
  •  I owe you’s. date nights,  or something perhaps more risqué. It will surely bring a smile to his face. Just make sure if it is something more risqué grandma isn’t around to see it.
  • Something homemade. My daughter and I usually always make something. whether its an ornament or a simple hand print. A scrap book is always a fun idea to highlight the year. Homemade gifts are often the best gifts.

I hope these idea’s help you this holiday season! what type of ideas do you have? I’d love to know!

leave a comment below!


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brooch bouquet

Last year, just a few weeks after my wedding  it finally sank in that all that hard work and planning was actually over. I felt a slight ping of sadness overcome me until I glanced over at my dresser and noticed my Brooch Bouquet sitting there on its custom made stand. I had to pick it up and look at it. The brooch’s I choose to have on my bouquet consisted mostly of family heirlooms. Looking over all the little details, I could remember digging through each jewelry box, and pulling out certain brooch’s that I thought were unique. Each one represented a loved one. A sunflower for a favorite flower. A leaf for the love of fall.  The sadness began to melt away.


photography by Live Film

Flower bouquets are beautiful but brooch bouquets last forever and make a magical keepsake. I still find myself picking it up and looking at it from time to time. It also creates a great story, depending on where you found your brooch’s.

This trend has become very popular amongst brides now a days. I’ve seen so many beautiful brooch bouquets. A lot of them are color coordinated which looks very stunning.  I always enjoy looking at Pinterest and admiring all the creative designs.

If you decide to  jump on board with the  brooch bouquet here’s some things to keep in mind~

My bouquet consisted of many different colors. When thinking about what you want, think of your weddings theme or wedding color to help narrow down the search. My theme was rustic/vintage so I felt the brooch bouquet was executed nicely. If you want that rustic feel your going to want to hit some thrift shops and some yard/estate sales. I also highly recommend reaching out to family members. You never know what they may have! Collecting the brooch’s you want to use for your  bouquet probably takes the most time so I would recommend starting as soon as you can!

Next lay all of your brooch’s out. You can get an idea of how large it will be. Then determine the type of filler you want. Silk flowers are a great option and can be purchased at any craft store.

Even though I had a lot of great brooch’s I needed some larger ones to help fill in the bouquet. I was searching for a statement brooch. One that was a little different and would give the brooch bouquet a pop of color Here’s a great website for purchasing brooch’s on a budget:

Pay attention to the handle. There are so many different styles. This is where you can also place a single brooch that means a lot to you. Some even choose to wrap dog tags around the handle.

I was lucky enough to have a friend put my brooch bouquet together for me. We did the shopping for the supplies together and I got to see how she was assembling it. But here’s a great link for anyone that is attempting to assemble themselves:

 Just remember that this is your day! Create something that you will cherish forever. Good luck 🙂

Get Creative Gift Ideas

Happy Bags!


If your like me, than you just enjoy giving. It seriously makes my day, just to do something for someone else, even if it is something small. A happy bag is the most perfect way to brighten someone’s day.


I’m sure you may be asking yourself what the heck is a happy bag? So let me share:

Usually when I create these “happy bags” I do some investigating. what is the recipients favorite snack? favorite brand of chips? favorite color? favorite character? etc. The fun thing about happy bags, is that you can do whatever you want! You want to create a bag that’s going to make the recipient happy. The idea is to fill the bag with things that they enjoy.  If I know the person likes music for example, I’ll make them a mix cd.

here are some other great ideas of things that most people enjoy

Candy. (I mean who doesn’t love candy)

Lip balm

Hair spray. (The bigger the hair the smaller the hips right?)



a funny photo

I hope this blog inspires you to bring some cheer to someone that may not be having the best day. Or to someone just because they are fabulous.

So find a bag that you know they would enjoy and get to stuffin’