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Hershey Park with kids 5 and under

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Hershey Park with kids 5 and under


Hershey Park. The Sweetest place on Earth (literally lol).

Let me first say that My husband and I are always impressed with just how clean the park is, and how friendly the staff is. It’s definitely one of our favorite places to visit.

The next thing we love, is that all the rides for smaller children are mostly toward the front of the park. Lucy and Reece are under 5, so this is so convenient. Anytime you don’t have to push a double stroller further than you have to=greatness!

 The last time we went to Hershey Lucy was a minitaure. She grew alot. This is how you measure to see what rides you can ride! ALl the rides are labeled so you know before you stand in line, if its something you can do!


Another thing they have there is zoo america. It is a little gem tucked away inside the park! The kids loved it. All the animals were out and about, and their habitats were very nicely kept. The kids loved watching the bears swim around in their pool. One swam right up to the window and was playing with a ball. It was really cool!

Hershey Lodge was amazing. To be honest we could have spent a day here lounging by the pool! Lucy loved Water works, which is an indoor water park at the lodge! Our room was very nice and the beds were pretty comfy. Not to mention that the chocolate in the room!! The arcade was also fun with a variety of games for all ages. The candy machine was Reece’s pick lol. I really liked the shuttle service they offered to the park. The wait time was not long!


hershey lodge



Hershey factory really brought me back to when I was a kid. It was really cool to go back and see how much it has changed. I still love the ride that explains the history of Hershey and how each candy is made. It was a fun little ride that we all took together, and we all learned something to. Lucy was amazed at how much chocolate is made everyday!!

hershey factory hershey factory hershey factory

Hershey Garden was our last stop. I was personally amazed at the flower gardens. All different shades of roses and numerous other flowers. The kids really enjoyed the butterfly Atrium. This is a nice space where butterflys are free to fly around. one even landed on me and hung out for awhile! It was a neat experience.

hershey garden

hershey garden

hershey garden hershey garden hershey garden 1 hersey garden

I think Hershey is a magical place that’s suitable for any age. We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights. We are already thinking about our next trip! Not to mention the drive there is pretty to!!

what its like to get pictures with 2 kids. #fail.

SO, have you visited Hershey yet!?

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My Miscarriage Story


“All life, No matter how brief, matters.”

I remember the day it happened like yesterday. It was your typical Thursday morning in October. Leaves were falling, and the sky was a grayish color, looking like it could rain. I was off that morning so I could take my daughter for her preschool pictures. I also had my routine visit with my OB doctor. I can recall everything from that day. What I was wearing, what the weather was like, what I had to eat.

My daughter was so eager to hear the baby’s heartbeat, so I let her tag along to my appointment.  She was so excited about becoming a big sister. I was 12 weeks.  Aside from some pressure I was feeling in my lower abdomen, and a slight tinge of nausea, I felt fine. After all the hello’s and the lollipop plea’s  we sat in our room, and patiently waited for the doctor. When the doc arrived, she picked up her machine to try to listen for the wonderful flutter that any mom loves to hear at their appointment. Only there was no heartbeat.  No flicker on the screen. Just nothing. I couldn’t even hear what the doctor was saying as I stared at the screen just hoping that it wasn’t real. But it was. For some reason I always thought that if you made it to the 12 week mark you were essentially out of the “danger” zone. Wrong.

Before this could even begin to sink in, there was something else- numerous cysts all over my ovaries, which were about 4x their normal size. It was there that I was branded “a rare case”.

In a world where one strive’s to be different, I only wanted to be like everyone else.

I didn’t want to be unusual; I just wanted to be normal. After multiple doctor visits with 4 different doctors, tests, and pathology reports  it was determined that I had a partial molar pregnancy, with signs and symptoms of a complete molar pregnancy.

If you’re like me, you may have never heard of this before, and the cause is completely unknown.  I had an insane amount of HCG hormone in my blood and that’s what caused my ovaries to swell. Because of the type of work I do, the doctors had concern about ovarian torsion or even rupturing due to their hugely abnormal size. I was off of work for 3 months.

It’s hard because with my HCG levels being so high I still felt pregnant. I still felt everything; The nausea, the cravings, the emotions. It wasn’t until mid December that I actually felt myself again.

How do you mourn the loss of the baby when your worrying about your own health?

It causes severely conflicted emotions. Then the day finally came when it actually sunk in. I wasn’t having a baby anymore. When that sinks in, it hits you like a ton of bricks.

The worst thing I think someone said to me was, “well it wasn’t really a baby anyway”. I don’t blame them for this. I have a hard time of knowing what to say in sad situations. But in my mind, yes, it was a real baby. I saw a heartbeat. I couldn’t wait to smell that newborn smell. I envisioned the nursery. I envisioned my growing belly. I envisioned my new life, with 2 children. I envisioned coming home from the hospital and this time not being absolutely clueless. I envisioned the chaos. I envisioned the laughter, the crying, and yes the “blow outs” that everyone experiences with a newborn, at least once. I envisioned the tiny human laying on my husbands chest. So yes, to me It was real. and It was lovely.

Though I was a frequent flyer at the doctors offices, I got to spend so much time doing things that I wanted to do while I was off. I got to “clear”. Life is so busy, and fast. We get so caught up in the everyday grind. We often forget to take time to actually enjoy the little things. Before this happened, I couldn’t even tell you the last time I sat down and drank a full cup of coffee. I loved the time with my daughter and truth be told I really believe that is what saved me. The time off really made me appreciate life so much more.  I got to focus on my little family and not all the ugly stuff I was dealing with. I felt so full.

We have to wait just about a year  before we can try again. I still have to go to the doctors. I must have my blood drawn every few weeks for at least a year. I still need frequent sonograms. I will now be considered high risk with any future pregnancies. But I refuse to let this make me bitter. Even though there are days I am so overwhelmingly angry. And guess what that’s ok. The best advice I received was to just cry. Cry as much as you want, because one day you won’t want to. I truly believe when dealing with loss, whether it be a friend, a parent, a child, there is no time limit on the mourning process.

What people don’t tell you about is the fear.

Will this happen again?

Could this be a sign?

Could this lead to future problems? 

Welcome to my mind. After months of thinking about all of this, I finally decided not to let it be the center of attention. I can’t let those thoughts overwhelm me. Instead, I’ve decided to put my mind else where. Its life, and life is full of surprises. Sometimes life is scary. Sometimes life is beautiful. But most of all, Life is what you make of it. You cannot live your life based off of fear. That is what I whisper to myself when those negative thoughts try to creep back in.

Christmas night, my daughter put her hand on my belly, and asked if the baby was still in there. I said, “no honey, there’s not a baby in there anymore”, she laid her hand on my cheek and said “it’s ok mommy we will get another baby”

I just smiled at her sweet little face, and said “yes baby, we will”.


you can read more about my D&C experience over at Seeing Sunshine .