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Hershey Park with kids 5 and under

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Hershey Park with kids 5 and under


Hershey Park. The Sweetest place on Earth (literally lol).

Let me first say that My husband and I are always impressed with just how clean the park is, and how friendly the staff is. It’s definitely one of our favorite places to visit.

The next thing we love, is that all the rides for smaller children are mostly toward the front of the park. Lucy and Reece are under 5, so this is so convenient. Anytime you don’t have to push a double stroller further than you have to=greatness!

 The last time we went to Hershey Lucy was a minitaure. She grew alot. This is how you measure to see what rides you can ride! ALl the rides are labeled so you know before you stand in line, if its something you can do!


Another thing they have there is zoo america. It is a little gem tucked away inside the park! The kids loved it. All the animals were out and about, and their habitats were very nicely kept. The kids loved watching the bears swim around in their pool. One swam right up to the window and was playing with a ball. It was really cool!

Hershey Lodge was amazing. To be honest we could have spent a day here lounging by the pool! Lucy loved Water works, which is an indoor water park at the lodge! Our room was very nice and the beds were pretty comfy. Not to mention that the chocolate in the room!! The arcade was also fun with a variety of games for all ages. The candy machine was Reece’s pick lol. I really liked the shuttle service they offered to the park. The wait time was not long!


hershey lodge



Hershey factory really brought me back to when I was a kid. It was really cool to go back and see how much it has changed. I still love the ride that explains the history of Hershey and how each candy is made. It was a fun little ride that we all took together, and we all learned something to. Lucy was amazed at how much chocolate is made everyday!!

hershey factory hershey factory hershey factory

Hershey Garden was our last stop. I was personally amazed at the flower gardens. All different shades of roses and numerous other flowers. The kids really enjoyed the butterfly Atrium. This is a nice space where butterflys are free to fly around. one even landed on me and hung out for awhile! It was a neat experience.

hershey garden

hershey garden

hershey garden hershey garden hershey garden 1 hersey garden

I think Hershey is a magical place that’s suitable for any age. We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights. We are already thinking about our next trip! Not to mention the drive there is pretty to!!

what its like to get pictures with 2 kids. #fail.

SO, have you visited Hershey yet!?


Things to do in Las Vegas

 I’m no expert when it comes to Vegas, but I can surely say this aint my first rodeo lol! We’ve been to Sin City 4x now, and there is still SO much more I want to do there! I wanted to highlight a few things that were our favorite!

First off, If you plan to travel here I definitely recommend researching what you want to do before you get there. Because once your there, you may become overwhelmed with the possibilities.

We have stayed at Planet Hollywood, MGM Grand, the Flamingo and Paris. While each hotel was beautiful and unique in its own way, our favorite place was the Flamingo. Its one of the older hotels on the strip, but its location is perfect. Everything within the hotel is nicely spaced out, so when your walking you’re not constantly dodging other people. It’s also right next to the Linq Promenade , which is a great spot to hang out. There is a bunch of restaurants, bars, shops, and the observation wheel there. AND did I mention In and out burger!?  In addition, the Flamingo smells amazing! I know that is something odd to comment about, but seriously it smells great haha. They also have a beautiful little courtyard with real flamingos, and other pieces of nature that is just serene. It’s definitely a nice way to start your day! I could just go on and on about this hotel, it was a great place to stay!

Fremont Street is  a must see. The entire sky lights up while being in sync to a classic tune. You can zip line down and see everything, and there’s a ton of buffets!!

Walking the strip is something you just have to do. Make sure you wear comfy shoes because its a lot of walking. I mean A LOT. There is so much to see and you could literally spends hours in 1 hotel (trust me I know).

See the fountains at The Bellagio. They usually start around dusk. If you decide to stay at Paris you may score a room that has a view of the fountains! Ours did and it was amazing! While your there be sure to walk inside to the conservatory. Its right in the main lobby, and it’s stunning. Typically they change the theme per season. This last time we were there it was November, and one of the main attractions was a peacock made almost entirely out of roses. It was incredible. And its free!

The Hoover dam is about 45 minutes out of Vegas. If you decide to make the trip I highly recommend it! It’s an amazing sight! I wish I had pictures to share.

My pick for shopping is the Miracle mile shops inside Planet Hollywood. There are all kinds of shops for everyone! You can also catch a rain show right in the middle of the mall. Don’t worry though, you won’t get wet!

Lets talk about food. If you love food, you will love Vegas. You can eat very cheap, or extravagant. I highly recommend The Stratosphere (meal with an amazing view) Inside Paris , Gordon Ramsey’s Steak is divine. My husband and I were lucky to score some bar seats, and the food was out of this world. The Mac n’ cheese was the best I’ve ever had in my life lol.  Some cheaper options we enjoyed were Toby Keith’s I Love this bar and grill at Harrah’s and Yolo’s   in Planet Hollywood.

The night life in Vegas is like no other. We aren’t much of the partying crowd anymore but one of our favorite spots for a drink is The Chandelier bar at the Cosmopolitan. It’s a 3- level lounge, and you literally sit inside of a chandelier!! You also have to go to see a show! Every hotel has options, but I recommend shopping around for the best prices online. My favorite show was Beatles Love at The Mirage I may be biased since I’m a huge Beatles fan, but it was incredible. I literally cried.

Perhaps one of our favorite things to do, that is totally free is people watching. There are so many unique people in Vegas. Just be weary of all the people dressed up. You may want a picture with them, but they are expecting a tip from you! So just keep that in mind.

Even flying to Vegas is beautiful, you cross over a bunch of Canyons, so grab a window seat if you can! Flying in at night is really cool with all the lights!!

The next time we go, I want to do a helicopter ride, and a gondola ride at the Venetian!

Have you been to Vegas? What’s some of your favorite things to do there?

flight in to Vegas


the conservatory at the Bellagio


Las Vegas

Observation wheel at the Linq Promenade

las Vegas Las Vegas

Early morning at the Bellagio fountains


View of Paris at night (pixabay image)
Annapolis Adventure

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Annapolis Adventure


Being a Maryland girl, its only natural that Annapolis be one of my favorite places to visit. Whether it’s for brunch, shopping, or a night out, Down town Annapolis has it all. Every time I visit, I always manage to find something new that I hadn’t seen before.


I have many fond memories of Annapolis. One in particular involves my favorite shop to visit, Hats on the Belfry.   One of the last Christmas season’s before my Aunt passed, we went to Annapolis to see all the sites decked out in their holiday bests. We came across this shop and tried on all the crazy looking hats and just laughed away. I always try to visit this shop when I go since it brings back such a good memory.

Recently my good friend and I had a day of exploring. When she had told me a few days prior that she had never been to down town Annapolis my jaw fell to the floor. (ok so not my jaw, but my phone totally did; I have another crack across the screen to prove it). Thus we chose to end the day of exploration in Down Town Annapolis.

As we walked we decided to grab a bite to eat. Lunch was delicious at Castlebay Irish Pub. If I hadn’t been so starving when we arrived, I would have taken a picture of my full plate. Never before had I tasted such a delicious, creamy tomato soup and grilled ham and cheese sandwich.  It sounds so simple, but it was delightful. And what better way to finish lunch at the Irish Pub then with their signature Irish Coffee.

Images taken by Grace Images

We made our way up and down Main street, and headed back to where we parked off of West street. When I visited Annapolis a few weeks prior,  I noticed these pictures that were almost tucked away in a small parking lot. It was really rainy that particular day so I didn’t have a chance to really check them out. So this was on my list of places to see.  I’m a huge fan of anything “retro” and I just fell in love with this space. The walls made it very unique.

It really was the perfect girls day out of wandering. It’s nice living not so far from such a fascinating place. What’s your favorite spot to explore in Annapolis?