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Night time Skin Regimen

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Night time is one of the most important times to take care of your skin. This is the time to wash away all the stressors of everyday life and allow for new cells to grow.

To me, there is something so relaxing about washing my face, brushing my teeth and putting on my pajamas. Here is my night time skin routine that leaves my skin feeling hydrated and looking healthy.

Coconut oil- I love the meme’s that talk about putting that sh*t on everything, because that is me!   It is such a great natural moisturizer. There are a couple different kinds of coconut oil  but the best kind to get for your skin is organic, raw, and cold pressed. When coconut oil is heated it loses a lot of those natural nutrients that benefit your skin. My favorite brand is Pure Planet.

Lavender Essential Oil-I’m a huge fan of essential oils. Lavender is one of my favorites as it helps to induce sleep and relaxation. I just dab a couple drops on to my chest and rub some on my temples. I even put some on my daughter’s skin and feet to help her sleep.  Young living is my favorite brand of essential oils, but there are many different kinds, just be sure they are safe to apply to the skin.

Facial wipes- There are many facial wipes out on the market, but my favorite is the Honest Company 3 in 1. It does an amazing job removing my make up, and makes my face feel so clean! They are infused with chamomile which is very soothing.

Eye cream-  When applying eye cream it’s good to put a couple small drops around the rim of the eye. Then gently tap it into the skin. This usually helps with fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. Different creams target different issues. Over the past few years, I’ve used many kinds of eye creams. Currently, I’m using Nourish Organic. This particular cream targets hydration, which has been great for the winter.

Exfoliation- Exfoliating is a very important step in skin care that is often overlooked. It’s not something you have to do everyday, but it is good to do it a couple of times a week. Using a gentle scrub can help to remove dead skin cells, and help stimulate new cells to grow.  Right now I’m using Scrub me. I can’t say enough nice things about this product. It can be used on the face or body. It smells delicious, and makes my skin feel amazing. I use it about 3 times a week.

what’s your night time skin regimen?

all opinions expressed here are my own.



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  1. I love pretty packaging. I have the same routine I’ve have for years. I remove my eye make up, wash my face, then call it a night. I have super sensitive skin so I can’t use anything that smells good or has a lot of fragrance to it.

  2. I’ve been looking for a good eye cream so thank you for the recommendation! I’m trying to become more consistent with my skin care routine :).

  3. Haha I have started to become that girl, putting coconut oil on everything! My husband couldn’t stop laughing when we saw a big tub of coconut oil appear out of nowhere in my kitchen a few months ago 😉 I am terrible at maintaining a nighttime regimen, you are inspiring me.
    xx, Kusum |

  4. I need to master my night time skin care routine, so it’s really great to see posts like this! I hate feeling too lazy to give my face a good scrub before bed, but I know it’s SO important!

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