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Shoes on Stitch fix…WHAT!? (I literally said that out loud when I received the email last week.) When 2 of your favorite things come together its magical.

For me, shoe shopping is fun when time allows for it. I always envision a certain look and/or color that I want. It’s so hard to go to different stores just to find that one style I am searching for.  I am so happy that Stitch fix is now offering to do this for me!  As you know from earlier posts, I am a huge fan of my fixes and this just makes it so much more exciting.

According to the email there will be 200+ styles from brands such as Dolce Vita, TOMS, and many more. I can’t wait to see what my stylist sends me in my next fix!

If you’re already using Stitch fix just head over and adjust your shoe size in your style profile.

Want in on the fun? Join Stitch fix here.

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  1. Hmm, I had let me Stitch Fix account stop when I didn’t update my new debit card but maybe I should get it going again! I wonder what sizes they offer though…#Tallgirlproblems

  2. I agree with Candy, this sounds dangerous. I’ve been putting off signing up for Stitch Fix because I know I’ll like it a bit too much. But this may have put me over the edge.

  3. I have so many friends who love their “fix”..I’m sorry..I just don’t get it..I love everything about shopping…the joy I get from actually, physically going into a store and trying it on and finding a bargain is the best feeling in the world! Glad you enjoy it though..I will have to tell my friends they now have shoes…LOL..

    1. yea! I honestly used to love shopping to, so I what ya mean :). Stitch fix is just much more convenient for me now in this stage of my life. I kinda like the “surprise” of it to.

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